$12.5 Billion-A-Year Property Tax Hike Continues to Sink Under 50 Percent Support in Public Polls

Largest Tax Increase in California History Has Tough Road Ahead

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released the results of a recent public poll showing that only 46 percent of likely voters support the $12.5 billion-a-year property tax hike that is currently collecting signatures to qualify for the November 2020 ballot and a strong 45 percent of likely voters oppose the measure. This marks the third PPIC poll this year to find less than 50 percent of California voters support the split-roll measure, a clear indication that the largest tax increase in state history is on a downward trend and has a tough road ahead.

“It’s clear that proponents are out of touch with reality. California already has the highest cost of living in the nation, and we shouldn’t do anything to make it even more expensive to live here,” stated Rob Lapsley, President of the California Business Roundtable and co-chair of Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes. “Destroying Proposition 13 and increasing taxes on business means higher costs for everything we buy including rent, a gallon of milk, groceries, gasoline, restaurants, prescriptions, clothing, daycare, health care and more.”

“We’re thrilled that California voters can see through the smoke and mirrors. Despite what proponents say, the $12.5 billion-a-year tax hike will fall on the backs of small businesses,” said John Kabateck, state director for the National Federation of Independent Business and co-chair of Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes. “Nearly 78 percent of small businesses do not qualify for the so-called ‘small business exemption’ because they rent and the increased property tax bills will just get passed onto them as part of their lease agreements, making the cost of doing business even more expensive.”

“The proponents of the largest property tax increase in California history have a tough road ahead if they cannot manage to secure even 50 percent support one year out from the election,” said Robert Gutierrez, president of the California Taxpayers Association and co-chair of Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes. “The reality is the split-roll measure is the first step in repealing Proposition 13 and increasing property taxes on homeowners, and we are prepared to wage an aggressive campaign to defeat the measure.”

About Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes
Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes is a broad-based coalition of homeowners, taxpayers and businesses opposing the $12 billion split-roll property tax measure headed to the November 3, 2020 ballot. Learn more about the campaign at: www.StopHigherPropertyTaxes.org