Broad-based, Bipartisan Coalition of Elected Officials Announce Prop 15 Opposition

Hundreds of State Legislators, Mayors and Other Local Elected Officials Urge Californians to Reject Flawed Property Tax Increase

SACRAMENTO, CA – A coalition of Democrat, Republican and non-partisan local elected officials announced their opposition today to Proposition 15—the largest property tax increase in state history. Opposition to the $11.5 billion property tax increase cuts across all partisan and geographic lines as more than 200 state and local elected officials have voiced opposition to Prop 15.

“During this time of pain and uncertainty, Prop 15 would impose new hardships on consumers, small businesses and farmers when they are already struggling amid the worst recession in decades,” said Kevin Faulconer, mayor of San Diego. “The pandemic is already threatening to extinguish the American Dream for generations of Californians, and we should not make a terrible situation worse by adding higher taxes.”

“Prop 15 isn’t the answer and will only get in the way of California’s much needed recovery,” wrote Antonio Villaraigosa former Los Angeles mayor and speaker of the State Assembly in a recent CalMatters op-ed.

“Millions of Californians are filing for unemployment and are at risk of losing everything,” added Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco and speaker of the State Assembly. “Prop 15 will make the economic crisis worse by devastating small businesses – including our neighborhood restaurants, barbershops, and dry cleaners – by raising their rents. Vote NO.”

Far from benefitting every community, the Legislative Analyst’s Office says, “Not all governments would be guaranteed new money. Some in rural areas may end up losing money,” contrary to claims by the measure’s backers.

“Prop 15 creates clear winners and losers. Low-income communities like mine stand to gain scraps off the table as home foreclosures are looming. Prop 15 will only increase inequality in California,” added State Senator Cathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton). “Prop 15’s numerous flaws mean it will cause more problems than solutions.”

According to a study by the California State Conference of the NAACP, Prop 15’s higher property taxes will hurt Black and Latino businesses the most. These same businesses will face rising rents due to Prop 15’s higher property taxes at a time when they are trying to keep their doors open.

“Given what’s going on with the COVID-19 pandemic and downturn in the economy, now is the worst time possible for the largest property tax increase in California’s history,” said Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Orange County). “Prop 15 will be devastating for California and will make things even worse for minority-owned businesses after they have been disproportionately hurt by the recession. That’s just plain unfair.”

To view the full list of elected officials opposing Prop 15, click here.


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