ICYMI: “Prop. 15 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — a wolf with very large feet, barging through your front door.”

Santa Clarita Valley Signal Editorial Board says Prop 15 is a “foot in the door” to repealing Prop 13’s homeowner protections

On Sunday, the Editorial Board for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal warned Californians that Proposition 15, the largest property tax increase in state history, is the just the first step toward repealing property tax protections for homeowners long guaranteed by Proposition 13.

Read excerpts from “Our View: A Taxpayer-Hunting Wolf” below:

“It’s a foot in the door. And a dangerous foot at that.

 “Proposition 15, on the November ballot in California, is the first attempt by the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento to roll back the important protections afforded to taxpayers by Prop. 13, a 1978 ballot initiative that protected property owners from onerous increases in property taxes.

 “If you’re a homeowner, you are probably familiar with the benefits of Prop. 13. When you purchased your home, your property taxes were based on the assessed value of the property. Under Prop. 13, increases in your property taxes are limited to an inflation-related increase of no more than 2% per year.

“In other words, the county can’t just reassess your property, willy-nilly, and hike your property taxes. If it could, there’s a good chance many people would be forced out of their homes by skyrocketing property taxes…

 “Prop. 15, the so-called ‘split roll’ initiative, would tax ‘most commercial and industrial real property based on current fair-market value estimations, including some vacant land, eliminating the limitation on increasing assessed value…’

 “So, they’re not after your home’s property taxes — yet. But if Prop. 15 passes, give them time. They’ll be back, with their hands out, expecting homeowners to cough up even more cash.

 “And make no mistake: Even though Prop. 15 is being couched as only affecting commercial and industrial properties, who do you think will ultimately foot the bill for those tax increases? Hint: They’re not coming out of companies’ profit margins. The costs would be passed on to you, every time you buy a product or service…

“Prop. 15 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing — a wolf with very large feet, barging through your front door. 

 “Voters should reject it handily in November.”


No on Prop 15 – Stop Higher Property Taxes and Save Prop 13, a bipartisan coalition of homeowners, taxpayers, and businesses, has been fighting to protect Prop 13 and oppose a split-roll property tax for more than a decade. For more information, please visit www.NOonProp15.org.