Campaign spokesperson drops “dog whistle” during KCRA-TV interview about the largest property tax increase in California history

SACRAMENTO, CA: Last night, during a KCRA election preview about Proposition 15, the measure’s proponents again signaled their intention that homeowners are next. While proponents have vigorously denied such claims and claimed that such words are “scare tactics,” their pleas belie the fact that Prop 15 backers have a 40-year documented history of opposing property tax protections made possible by Prop 13 and will say and do anything to repeal it in its entirety.

During last night’s TV news segment, the following exchange occurred between Rachel Michelin, president and CEO of the California Retailers Association, and Carol Moon Goldberg, proponent and author of Prop 15 and president of the League of Women Voters of California, when discussing how homeowners are next for property tax increases:

Rachel Michelin: “I absolutely believe that if you open that door a little bit…they’re going to swing it wide open in future elections.”

Carol Moon Goldberg: “My response is Prop 15 is on the ballot and voters have the final say on that. If there is something that relates to homeowners’ properties in the future, the voters will have the final say on that.”

“Ms. Moon Goldberg’s comments indicate in clear, unmistakable terms that Prop 15 proponents, should they be successful in passing Prop 15, will next come after Prop 13’s homeowner protections,” stated Michael Bustamante, spokesperson for the No on Prop 15 campaign. “Not only do we have four decades of quotes by the same groups that have contributed millions to Prop 15, but now we also have them signaling to those that have wanted to do away with Prop 13 that homeowners will be next.”

Supporters of Prop 15, including the California Teachers Association (CTA), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) among others, have tried to undermine and repeal Prop 13 for more than 40 years.

  • In August 2020 at a Yes on Prop 15 event, UTLA president Cecily Myart-Cruz said, “We’ve got to be able to pass Schools and Communities First, as one measure, and then come back with another measure, and another, so that we make the rich pay their fair share.”
  • After Prop 13’s passage, the CTA, SEIU and CFT unsuccessfully sued to block the implementation of Prop 13 and its taxpayer protections for residential property owners. In its court filings, CTA specifically objected to the 2% cap on assessed value growth for residential property.
  • In 1992, CTA, SEIU, CFT, and CTRA spent more than $600,000 to support Prop 167, a massive tax hike measure that included a split-roll property tax. Opponents of Prop 167 warned that the measure would increase residential rents. Prop 167 failed by a vote of 41% to 59%.
  • In 2014, Lowell Goodman, a former SEIU Local 721 communications director, proposed anti-Prop 13 documentary and included a trailer and 17-page proposal. The 17-page proposal was entitled “A Documentary Film Proposal by Lowell Goodman.” The proposal stated that fully repealing Prop 13 was a “great idea” and outlined a three-part strategy to dismantle Prop 13. The three-part strategy included removing Prop 13 tax caps for homeowners by “periodically” reassessing residential properties to raise residential valuations up to market value. The three-part strategy also included proposals for a split-roll and to eliminate the “absurd” 2/3 requirement to hike taxes.
  • And finally, Prop 15 proponents objected to virtually every single sentence in their “kitchen sink” lawsuit before the Sacramento Superior Court except the sentence claiming, “homeowners are next” because they knew the evidence was against them—there is clear proof that proponents have claimed for years that homeowners are next.

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