ICYMI: Mike Roos: “Southern California’s future depends on defeating Proposition 15”

SACRAMENTO, CA – On Sunday, the Southern California News Group published an opinion piece from Mike Roos, former Democratic Speaker Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly and president of Southern California Leadership Council, urging voters to reject Proposition 15, the largest property tax increase in California history. Roos argues Prop 15’s $11.5 billion-a-year property tax increase would impede economic recovery, result in higher rents for small businesses, disproportionately impact minority-owned small businesses, and increase the cost of living while many are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

Read excerpts from Mike Roos’ opinion piece, “Southern California’s future depends on defeating Proposition 15” below:

“…Unless rejected by voters, Prop. 15 and the $11.5 billion tax hike it imposes will prove to be another impediment for unemployed workers counting on an economic rebound in the not-too-distant future. Prop. 15 will add another significant burden to small businesses who already face an existential crisis.

“Worse still, the tax increase’s cost will be passed along to consumers, as we’ll be forced to pay more for basic necessities like groceries, gasoline, diapers and clothing.

“Southern California’s future – and with it the state’s recovery – relies on a strong economy that creates jobs for workers and allows small businesses to confidently re-open and engage in commerce. Prop 15’s massive tax increases would significantly undermine these goals.

“It’s for these reasons that the Southern California Leadership Council (SCLC) opposed Prop. 15.

“The SCLC is a nonpartisan, policy-focused organization made up of members that include more than three dozen presidents and CEOs of top Southern California companies, and elected officials, including every former California Governor elected in the last four decades.

“Earlier this year, the Southern California Leadership Council concluded that Prop. 15 falls far short of its promises and will inflict real harm on consumers, farmers and communities of color. It’s a flawed measure that voters should reject in November…

“While Prop. 15’s proponents talk about large companies paying the tax increase, the truth is that minority-owned small businesses will be disproportionately impacted, according to a report by the California NAACP. These businesses are more likely to lack the cash reserves needed to weather downturns and to afford increased costs that are inextricably linked to tax increases…

“Ultimately, the real losers would be every Californian. Higher taxes to the tune of $11.5 billion annually will result in higher costs of living. Prop. 15 could raise a family’s cost of living by up to $960 per year—the difference between making rent or not for many families.

“A vital part of the Southern California Leadership Council’s mission is to support policies that will improve economic vitality, job growth and quality of life for Southern California’s diverse communities. Prop. 15 jeopardizes those goals and our region’s long-term prosperity…”


No on Prop 15 – Stop Higher Property Taxes and Save Prop 13, a bipartisan coalition of homeowners, taxpayers, and businesses, has been fighting to protect Prop 13 and oppose a split-roll property tax for more than a decade. For more information, please visit www.NOonProp15.org.